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The Sweetest Slice

This year, Pizza is my Valentine! I have finally figured out how to merge my 2 very favorite food items… pizza + cookies. I could not be more excited about this sweet pizza slice cookie! (pun intended)

While we are kicking these off for Valentine’s Day this year, this is a truly great all year ’round cookie. Inspired by Cece’s Shop Rite Birthday party, I decided to delve deeper into what I’m calling “Foodie Cookie Fun” this year. (What was I waiting for?)

To get started, here’s the ingredients we used for our pizza cookies…

Like real pizza, these cookies are so fun to ice and top! Just let that first layer of tomato red icing dry and harden for about an hour. Then ice the crust and add the cheese (ivory royal icing mixed a bit thicker than usual) and toppings. Here’s what we used…

Red M&M meatballs, Red Jumbo Heart pepperoni, Small heart tomato bits, Green leaf basil, Green jimmy basil, Black olive candy pearls, Mini Chocolate Chip olives (note, these get melty if you package them in a cello bag).

If you are adding the face… Icing Googly Eyes and a sprinkle curved mouth (or draw or ice it on).

I feel like we can go on and on topping these! It would be so much fun to set up a little pizza cookie party, with all the toppings and let everyone create their very own pizza cookie art because really there is nothing better than sharing a slice with someone you love!

For ALL the how-to-ice details, check out our how-to-ice SweetDaniB TV video here:

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