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Hello Summer

Sunshine Sugar Cookies

... And so it begins, "high season" at the Jersey Shore. Today is our first Friday open for the season and of course I will be scrambling to straighten up and get the shop in shape for being open today after a super busy week!

These sunshine cookies are my new favorite. Due to the "shortage" of purchase-able royal icing googly eyes (all you cookiers know what I am talking about!), we started making our own using white fondant. At the beginning of every week we roll them out in 2 sizes and use them on any of our signature cookies that require faces. Our icing expert, Diana, did such an amazing job piping on these mouths that at first we wondered exactly how she found this many perfect pink sprinkles! The sunshine rays are made using a simple wet on wet dot marbleizing technique: while the yellow is still wet, add orange dots and use a toothpick to pull a line through the dot into the point of the sunshine ray.

We've got lots of fun lined up for the season and are especially looking forward to as many non rainy weekends as possible (we are looking at you summer 2018), lots of late beach days watching the sun set, and many summer parties featuring after dinner cocktail and cookie pairings. Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Xo

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