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Little Bette Donuts

I’ve been hearing some rumblings that “donuts are the new cupcake”. While I am not entirely convinced that anything can replace the icon the cupcake has become in the baking world, I have seen a big trend in donuts lately and have definitely enjoyed participating in it.

When my friend Amanda suggested ‘donuts!’ as the theme for her daughter, Bette’s, first birthday party, the ideas started flowing. Since the party was at 3:00 on a Saturday, it seemed like the perfect time of day to go over the top on designing a donut “Sweets Table”.

The Bette Donut Party sketch outlined some of our ideas and put the table into context. Amanda and Kevin have a large, bright yellow hutch in their dining room so when planning a party in this space, its a great piece to play off of.

I enlisted my friend and partner in “sweets crime”, Carrie of GoodieBox Bake shop and we got right down to donut business…

I always say singing “Happy Birthday”is the very best part of a birthday party but at Bette’s party, there was another amazing moment…

(You may have also noticed Bette’s donut dress! Another amazing Etsy find!)

Everyone went home with a smiling Bette donut cookie favor! (how- to on these coming soon!)

Donut party success! I hope this fun theme inspires you- there are so many possibilities! Isn’t life SWEET?! Xo Dani

"“Ma, Don’t look now but this donut cookie lady is REALLY into it!” -Bette"

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