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Cecelia’s Shop Rite Birthday Party

The ‘apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’ is a phrase that could not be more appropriate for the theme of my niece Cecelia’s 3rd Birthday party. My brother and I grew up in an Italian family who’s main event life adventures were (and still are) centered around food and meals. It is not uncommon for us to sit down to a meal and spend the entirety of that meal talking about our next or a future meal. Not only did his wife Nicole, grow up similarly, but she also has the unique ability to analyze a menu so quickly once we pick a restaurant, it’s kind of amazing. It is not at all suprising that our sweet Cecelia loves to go food shopping and her fave of all stores is Shop Rite. Nicole and Christian refer to it as “her Disney“. They go several times a week and make all the local rounds… Nutley, Wallington and Lyndhurst Shop Rites have all been appropriately reviewed by Cecelia. She especially loves seeing what trucks are delivering that day (Entenmann’s and Coca-Cola trucks are her favorites) and loves putting everybody’s items in the cart.

I don’t know how we will top this birthday theme for next year but we sure will have fun dreaming it up. Life is Sweet! Xo Dani

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