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Rainbow Dance Party

Some party themes come together easier than others and in the case of Bette Kane’s 3rd Birthday, “Rainbow Dance Party” just kind of developed and kept rolling! We could have went on and on with this theme… Inspired by one of her favorite stuffed animals (a unicorn) and her love for singing and dancing (Fresh Beat Band!) this theme had all the best elements for a great party.

Happy 3rd Birthday Bette! I loved working on your party and had even more fun attending! Wishing you rainbows of love and happiness always! Xo Aunt Dan

Thanks to Amanda and Kevin (Bette’s parents) for sharing their amazing photos with me and also to KF for snapping some great ones! Thanks to Goodie Box Bake shop for the delicious cake and DIY cupcake cake supplies. Thanks to Knockout for the amazing birthday signs! Xo

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