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Sweet Dani B Cookie Kitchen & Petite Party Studio Ribbon Cutting

We had our ribbon cutting yesterday at our new cookie shop in Asbury Park! It was an awesome day! I had hoped to make a speech but the morning was crazy and busy and once I was standing there holding the giant Asbury Park scissors, I decided to keep it short and just go for it…

Here are are words I had prepared and want to share. Please note that this thank you also extends to everyone who was with us in spirit….

I want to thank everyone so so much for being here today. If you are one of the people standing here you have inspired me, supported me or both in some way so thank you for taking the time out of your Sunday to be here.

When I started by business 10 years ago I never thought a brick and mortar like this would be possible. I’ve had a few little studios but a place like this- I never thought I could afford it, I wasn’t sure the hybrid bakery space/ workspace would work but this city is such an inspiration… There’s some kind of magic happening here- it’s in the people, it’s in the art, in the music, in the food- so much creativity! I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of it.

Thanks to Amy and John, the best Deputy Mayor and Mayor team there is. Thank you for welcoming me to your city and for being honest, true leaders who stand behind and with the people of their city like none I have ever seen.

I want to thank my friend Tamara. We met in college and have been besties for more than 20 years, she was the one who baked and brought the first red heart cookie to our rehearsal dinner 16 years ago and has never stopped encouraging me and supporting me.

Thanks to my friend Amanda. We met when our husbands joined a band together and became super close when she and her husband moved to Hoboken. When they left to move here to start their family, we were selfishly so sad because we so missed them. But Amanda, persistent as she is, insisted we give this city a try and even took Keith on a local day tour showing him all the places he should think about renting a summer home vs. where we had been renting. A few summers later, we became locals.

Thanks to my parents and family for always supporting me even though I was a quirky, artsy kid and was always doing weird stuff like drawing on everything and sleeping on the floor next to my bed. Both my parents helped me so much with this business at the start, helping me package countless cookies and icing kits. I remember the first time I had an order for 300 cookies due I was so nervous… But they just showed up to help like always and we packaged and chatted for hours and hours until it was done.

Thanks most of all to my husband, KF. My partner in life, biggest supporter, builder, graphic designer, sign painter, hand letterer, sometimes dough maker (although maybe not after that dough you made the other day) . Thank you so much for being my biggest supporter and partner in this. I hope I can live up to the beautiful space we built together that is a reflection of our lives together. I hope it’s a place where memories are made, and a bad day can turn good with a bite of a cookie, a sip of coffee and good vibes all around.

I know cookies can’t change the world but love can, and that’s what I plan to do here in this space with every single thing we do… thank you for joining me in spreading that love.

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