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A Space Themed Galaxy Birthday Party with Martha Stewart

The Spring issue of Martha Stewart Living features Martha’s grandkid’s “Interstellar” birthday party. I have been lucky enough to be asked to contribute to Jude & Truman’s birthday parties for a few years now (Our animal menagerie cookies from Jude’s 1st birthday are still one of our most popular cookie order requests). The Galaxy theme of this year’s party could not have been more inspiring to me. I have been a huge Star Wars fan since I was a “little Leia” and I grew up watching those movies on a loop with my brother. As a dedicated Star Wars nerd, my text ringtone sound is “happy R2“.

The invitation to the party featured an adorable sketch of Jude and Truman riding in a saucer like spacecraft. I designed a new cookie cutter based on the sketch and my friends at CopperGifts got right down to work in making this cutter extra amazing. We added a mini Saturn as cute cookie companion.

Of course party was incredible! Held at MSLO’s headquarters in NYC, I was excited to duck in and even got permission to take a few photos…

What I love about the parties Martha and Alexis design each year, is there’s always something for the kids to learn while they are having fun. At this party, the kids crafted amazing DIY solar systems and they went on a tour of the galaxies in a portable planetarium set up by The solar system cake Alexis baked was especially incredible! See the cake and the rest of the amazing details of this party here.

We have been having lots of fun with these cookie cutters ever since the party and are so excited to share more ideas on how to ice them. I could not resist adding an alien head to complete the set!

We are going to have so much “out of this world” fun with these cookie cutters! Here’s to many more SWEET galaxy adventures! Xo Dani

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