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It’s In the Stars! Marbleized Star Cookie How To

A few weeks back, my friend Nomi asked me to make star cookies for her to gift to her graduating textile students at F.I.T. (What an awesome, caring professor!) Upon placing her order she said one of my favorite things when people place cookies orders… “Just do what you do and be creative with them. My only request is bright colors.” So, I baked up my favorite star cookie (using the Folk Star cookie cutter from CopperGifts) and mixed 4 bright colors of royal icing and got to work. I use the word “work” here loosely because an assignment like this, happens to be very fun relaxing.

I used 4 different techniques of marbleizing the cookie star which I have nicknamed here to keep them straight.

Now for the demo… You will notice that by the time I got around to photographing the demo, the sun was no longer shining. I also substituted the turquoise royal icing for navy. Its very cool to see how changing a color can effect the look…

Supplies needed: Star cookies, our Sweet Dani B icing kit bottles, toothpicks

TEXTILE TECHNIQUE: I thought these reminded me most of Nomi and her students working on their looms.

1. Ice your star cookie in orange. While still wet add stripes in blue…

2. Add in pink and yellow lines. I used our thin and thick bottles to add fun dimension to the stripes.

3. Just like the process of our signature owl cookie, drag the toothpick up and down in the icing, to create the “textile” pattern.

4. Let dry and viola!

STAR TECHNIQUE: This style basically mimics the points of a sparkling star…

1. Ice your star base in orange… Note: be careful when handling your cookies! The damp, humid weather we are having here on the East coast makes sugar cookies extra fragile. You can see the accidental dent I made here with my finger (boo!)

2. Picture a drawing of a target (the image not the store :))… Add an icing dot in the middle in yellow, then add circles and circle extension lines where they would be if the star were a full circle. Do the same with the pink icing.

3. Using a toothpick, drag a line from center dot to each star point. SWEET!

STARBURST TECHNIQUE: This one also reminds me of the superhero comic “Pow!” graphics… would be cute paired with our Super Dads for Father’s Day!

1. So, same technique as the star pattern…

2…draw target like circles…

3…after dragging your toothpick from the center to the star points, also drag your toothpick from the center to the star corners. Boom, boom POW!

FLOWER TECHNIQUE: The center of this looks version a bit like a cosmic, bursting flower…

I thought it would be fun to ice this one with a dark color base… Ice your star cookie in navy and follow same technique as the star pattern…

…ice the “target” in orange and yellow, then drag the toothpick from the center dot to each star point…

…next beginning at each star corner, drag a line from the corner into the center dot. Note: this is, basically, the reverse technique of the starburst “POW”.

SWEET! I love how different icing combos change the feel of each cookie star.

With a few days of rain ahead in the forecast, marbleized stars are the perfect cookies to work on for your Memorial Day BBQ (great for your dessert buffet or as a hostess gift)! By then the sun will be shining and your guests will be amazed at the shining star cookie deliciousness! Happy weekend! Xo Dani

P.S. If you don’t get to cooke stars this weekend, there’s always July 4th! Boom boom Pow!

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